Mash Your Music

Getting together with your friends this holiday season? Use Mash Your Music to combine all of Your Top Songs 2016 playlists together into a single bangin' playlist.

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Enter the names and URIs of the
Your Top Songs 2016
playlists of you and your friends.

The more you add, the better.
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Mash Your Music will help you create a great playlist by combining the best music from everyone's Top Songs 2016 playlist. The generated playlist will contain a little bit of everyone's favorites with an emphasis on music that is shared by the most people.

Mash Your Music will also show you some fun attributes about your group such as who has the most compatible music taste, and who is the most hipster.


Taste Compatibility

This table shows the number of shared tracks/artists between different pairs of people.

The playlist

The playlist is a combination of music from everyone's playlists. It favors music that appears in multiple playlists, popular music along with everyone's top favs.

# Pop title artist track liked by artist liked by reason