How Students Listen

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Here's some research into how students at this school experience music. For more information, and to learn about the listening habits of the other schools in our study, check out the full story.


Here's what's distinctive about music listening at your school.

Top Genres

Here's how the listening at this school breaks down by genre, relative to the other schools we looked at.

Note that some songs span multiple genres so the total genre percentage may exceed 100%.

Distinctive Tracks

Students at this school listen to these songs quite a lot, relative to students at the other schools.

Distinctive Artists

Students at this school listen to these artists quite a lot, relative to students at other schools.

Popular Tracks

This school listens to these songs the most.

Popular Artists

This school listens to these artists the most.

Daily listening behavior

This chart shows the typical listening pattern of students at this school on an average day. There's never a time at any of these universities when nobody is listening to Spotify.

Sleep / Wakeup schedule

By looking at when the school breaches the 50-percent listening mark each morning, and then returns below it each night, we can get an approximation of when students there wake up and go to sleep.

This School All Schools Delta
Typical wakeup 8:20 9:50 -1:30
Typical bedtime 12:20 1:50 -1:30
Hours of sleep 7:05 8:00 -00:55


Here's how this school's listening ranks against the others across a variety of song attributes.

Property Rank (of 40) Property Rank (of 40)