The Curation Station

The Curation Station is a web app that helps you to understand the type music that appears on a particular TV show and then use this information to discover new music that would be appropriate for that show.

Getting Started

Type the title of the TV show, we will then mine the web for songs that appear or are associated with that TV show. You can then create an Rdio Playlist of these songs, or you can go to the 'curator' and explore the music collection.


The curator allows you to look at a wide range of artist and song parameters to help give you a good understanding of the type of music that appears on a show.

Distribution Graph

The distribution graph shows you how the songs are distributed across a range of about a dozen parameters.

Scatter Graph

The scatter graph shows 4 pieces of data for each song in the collection. Any parameter can be associated with the X, Y position, the size, or the color of the song. Click on a song in the graph to hear it and see all of its song parameters.

Getting recommendations

Press the button to get recommendations of new music for the TV show. Press the to get recommendations for songs similar to a particular song.

Who made this?

This is a hack created at the TVnext Hack by Paul Lamere on April 28, and 29 2013.

The source is on Github .